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Parkette Mobile Space Application

The Parkette Mobile Space is offered from 1 to 3 month short-term leases. Your rotation can be extended for up to 1 full year (four consecutive 3-month terms) if no other units apply and are approved. Operators will always be given advanced notice when a new unit requests or is approved to move in queue.

If you’d like to run a soft launch, the rear space is available for staging on similar terms.

How to Qualify?

  • Serve good food from a mobile unit
  • Don’t directly compete with any local bricks and mortar
  • Have Liability Insurance
  • Current State Health Inspection
  • Sales Tax Certificate
  • Proof of 2 years operating experience or a written business plan

What do I need to do?

Complete the application & submit with requested supporting documents to the GEDC office.

Submission does not guarantee approval & date of approval does not determine beginning of your term.

The contents of this application and associated attachments are kept completely confidential.