About GEDC


Business Climate

Support local efforts of health, education, amenity development, service levels, local government mandate and advocate on behalf of our business community.

Resources & Incentives

Discover, vet and connect with regional, state and federal leaders to find programs, negotiate incentives and bring resources home to Groesbeck.

Supply Chain

Stay on top of market needs, leakages and gaps to lower cost, improve convenience and retain local market dollars.

Process Help

Help streamline business location, growth and expansion processes and cut costs to improve business time to market.

Entities We Partner With

  • www.sba.gov


The Groesbeck Economic Development Corporation was chartered in 1997 by the Mayor and City Council to support and stimulate growth in the local economy. We are Type B entity funded by a small portion of the local sales tax. The EDC is governed by a board of citizens and council members, administrated by the Executive Director.

This arm of The City works to invest a small percentage of local sales tax revenue directly back into the community in ways that will help spur or improve business activity.