Groesbeck MLK Community Garden

An innovative partnership between the school district and a local non-profit to provide public greenspace for community gardening, education, farmer's market & fresh produce production.

Project Details

Publically availiable tiered gardening space

Hydroponic and aquaponic facilities

Tiered & raised bed gardening

Farmer's Market Grounds

Gallery Building & Educational Space


About the Groesbeck MLK Community Garden

It started as a few community-minded visionaries with an idea. It grew to become a non-profit organizing monthly scheduled meetings to drive towards the charge. GISD partnered with the Groesbeck MLK Community Garden when it donated the property for the non-profit's effort. Then came the University of Houston Industrial Design students to give vision to the idea.

Today, the community driven group of business owners, master gardeners, local government & school officials, residents, veterans & churches are gathering behind this project for their town's health, sustainabilty & future.


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