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Parkette – Mobile Incubation

in·​cu·​bate : to cause or aid the development of

Start or grow your mobile food truck business at the Corner Parkette



For the Mobile Owner

Establish your Limestone county mobile unit in the heart of Groesbeck where both locals and passersby can be introduced to your food and what you do. Add us to your mobile rotation.


For the Community

We provide a clean and inviting location that will feature local mobile food truck businesses who are looking to get started and keep or add Groesbeck to their rotation of locations.


For the EDC

We exist to stoke, support and invest in opportunity. Mobile units that incubate here have included electricity, water, a close connection to helpful resources and a better feeback from new customers.

How to Qualify?

  • Bring something new to the table. Don’t directly compete with an established brick and mortar.
  • Have current State Health Inspection
  • Have a Sales Tax Certificate (with a Limestone County address)
  • Proof of 2 years operating experience or a written business plan
  • Serve good food from a mobile food unit

What to do?

  1. Complete the application
  2. Gather requested supporting documents
  3.  Submit the packet to the GEDC office
  4. Board Meeting
  5. Contract Signing

If your packet is complete, the GEDC Board will meet to review. Deadline is by the 10th of the month for same month response. Date of approval does not guarantee a specific  beginning term date.

Get the Parkette Mobile Application

Download Now

Turn your packet in at Groesbeck City Hall or via email to

Have a question?

Check there for the most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see what you need here or have a more specific question, reach out to us directly at business (@)

3 months – $600

2 months – $500

1 month – $300

1 week – $50

1 – 3 months

If the Parkette is not being leased, it will be open for weekly opportunities.

Your rotation can be extended for up to 1 full year if no other units apply and are approved. You will have a guaranteed 30 day window of notice for 3 month terms.

We expect you to –

  • Be a good neighbor to surrounding businesses
  • Run a clean, friendly, business with great customer service for the duration of your term
  • Set days and hours that you can consistently uphold
  • Keep a mobile mindset, This is a short-term rotational opportunity

  Keep open communication about openings, closings and travel engagements

You can expect us to –

  • Help spread the word about your business
  • Assist in locating resources to grow or improve your business
  • Pass along meaningful customer feedback
  • Keep open communication about other mobile applicants and approvals

We do. We help spread the word about your business by introducing it to the community. 

We will assist you in locating resources or programs to grow and improve your business.

Finally, we will always pass along meaningful feedback. 

Businesses placed on EDC properties are held to a higher customer feedback standard because comments and reviews are often volunteered. Meaningful feedback will always be relayed back to the business owner. Business are always encouraged to consider customer experience.

We receive a fair share of feedback directly from customers, Board members, fellow business owners and interested citizens. Businesses placed on  and associated with EDC properties are held to a higher customer feedback standard because comments, insights and reviews are often volunteered to us.

We know you won’t make everyone happy.  Restaurants are only as good as their last plate to many consumers. Meaningful feedback will always be relayed back to the business owner. Business are always encouraged to consider customer experience and use provided insight to grow on.

If the space in un-occupied, you can be placed the first of the month after your approval. 

If a unit is placed there, you must be approved to locate there prior to their term. Currently located units will get first opportunity to re-up if no other applicants are in queue.

We also have property available on the opposite side of the block at 318 W Navasota. It is off the main highway and much quieter than the Parkette location.